book The Discovery of the Child

The objects in our system are instead a help to the child himself, he chooses what he wants for his own use, and works with it according to his own needs, tendencies and special interests. In this way, the objects become a means of growth.

book Discovery of the Child

When we think about mixed ages, we must make sure we aren’t starving children intellectually or physically … we should not have a supermarket, but just what is essential.

book The Absorbent Mind

The teacher’s skill in not interfering comes with practice, like everything else, but it never comes easily. It means rising to spiritual heights. True spirituality realizes that even to help can be a source of pride.

book The Absorbent Mind

The teacher, when she begins work in our schools, must have a kind of faith that the child will reveal himself through work. She must free herself from all preconceived ideas concerning the levels at which the children may be.